Wedding day photos of King Edward and Wallis Simpson

As the 80th anniversary of the Duke's abdication as King Edward VIII approaches, the rare black and white images were the subject of furious bidding at auction. The 17 photographs taken at the remote Chateau de Cande, near Tours, France, on June 3, 1937 included pictures of the bride and groom, their wedding guests, the wedding breakfast table, the ceremony room with chairs placed ready, the floral arrangements by Constance Spry and a seven-tier wedding cake.

Never before seen photographs from the wedding of the Duke of Windsor and Wallis Simpson

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They were expected to fetch between 4,000 and 6,000, but went for 11,408, including buyer's premium, to an unnamed absentee bidder, who left their highest price with the auctioneer.

Few guests were invited to the private nuptials of the former king and the woman for whom he gave up the throne - and no members of the royal family attended.

Edward VIII abdicated in December 1936 to be with American divorcee Mrs Simpson, leaving his brother, the Duke of York - the Queen's father - to take over as George VI.

It sparked a constitutional crisis and rocked the British monarchy to the core.

The unofficial photographer behind the images was Lady Alexandra Metcalfe, wife of the Duke's best man 'Fruity' Metcalfe.

She took the images on a "rogue camera" and later presented special sets to those who attended the ceremony.

Denise Kelly, of Bellmans Auctioneers in Sussex, said: "The photographs under the hammer at Bellmans are of the greatest rarity."

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Whitney Houston's $40,000 Wedding Dress and Other Personal Items Put Up for Auction

You can be the new owner of an outfit Whitney Houston wore on one of the happiest days of her life.

The late singer's wedding gown, which she sported when she wed her only husband Bobby Brown, will be auctioned off at Heritage Auctions on June 24 and 25. Other personal items that belonged to the beloved late singer are also being sold.

Whitney's custom-made, high neck, ivory satin Marc Bouwer wedding prom dress shops contains a built-in "Carnival" bodice, full-length sheer nylon sleeves and a silk mesh overlay adorned with iridescent sequins and bugle beads in various elaborate floral motifs. The dress's hem has some marks and scruffs and the veil has a small hole in it.

Read The Tragically Similar Lives of Bobbi Kristina Brown and Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown, Wedding

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The outfit comes with a pair of matching satin sleeves, a matching beaded and sequined satin cloche hat and a floor-length sheer white silk veil decorated with semi-round pearlescent beads. The winning bidder will also receive a color photograph of Whitney in the wedding gown, being escorted down the aisle by her father,John Houston, as well as a certificate of authenticity.

The opening bid is $3,500 and the dress is estimated to be worth at least twice that. Whitney's wedding best prom dresses originally cost $40,000,Vanity Fair reported.

Whitney Houston, Wedding Dress Auction

Another items put on the auction block are Whitney's first and last passports, issued in 1985 and 2007, as well as her 2006 California driver's license.

"Brimming with stamps and special visas to countries including France, Japan, Brazil, Holland, Great Britain, and several others, this piece traces the history of the beloved singer's first international tours," the first passport's description reads.

Also offered for the bidding: Various award statuettes, a tour jacket and other outfits, a pair of 1990 game-worn Nike Air Jordan sneakers Michael Jordan gave Whitney, a signed poster of Disney theme parks' Captain EO 3D movie its late star Michael Jackson gifted Whitney and Bobby and her personal script for her 1995 movie Waiting to Exhale.

Whitney and Bobby wed in 1992 at her estate in Mendham, New Jersey in front of more than 800 guests. They welcomed their first and only child together, daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown, less than a year later. Whitney and Bobby divorced in 2007. She was found dead at age 48 in 2012. Bobbi Kristina died at age 22 last July.

Bobby has since remarried and he and new wife Alicia Etheredge Brown have two children together and one on the way.

Would You Wear a Fascinator to a Summer Wedding?

Sarah Jessica Parker in a Philip Treacy creation

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Getting a blowout before a summer wedding is a basic requirement, but accessorizing a perfect hair day is not taken into consideration quite as often as it should be. For a more formal event, finishing off an outfit with an artful topper is a tasteful way to stand out from the crowd. And no one does it better than milliner Philip Treacy.

Philip Treacy Sinamay and Buntal Straw Mesh Headpiece, $4,020,

Lady Gaga is a fan of his fanciful headwork, as are Joan Collins, Sarah Jessica Parker,Beyonc and Lorde, proving that a fascinator can be easily adopted by fashionable types of all ages. This pink and black iteration, made to flatter the profile, features a straw sinamay overlay with a tangle of fuchsia ribbons and organza roses to match. While the creation by Mr. Treacy may seem tricky to master, a hidden headband makes it just the opposite. Slide the headpiece on, position it accordingly, et voila: One becomes the best-prom dress shops person in the room. Or at least the most fascinating one.

Rubber Wedding Bands: 150,000 Annual Ring Avulsion Injuries Make Silicone Wedding Rings More Popular

Theres a reason that some people refuse to wear standard wedding rings made out of metals like gold or silver. Not only are they uncomfortable at times, but they have also caused injuries. As reported by TMZ, sports stars like Rodger Saffold, a lineman for the L.A. Rams, wear black rubber wedding bands. Athletes like Saffold wear the durable wedding bands made out of rubber or other substances in order to remain safe and not experience injuries from a band of a different substance. Rubber wedding bands and rings made of substances like silicone are said to be durable enough to be worn during sports games and activities.

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Jimmy Fallons wedding ring injury, as reported by TMZ, proved that the 150,000 ring avulsion accidents that happen per year can also happen to famous people. Ring avulsion occurs when a person gets their ring caught on an object, and the metal tears their skin and/or the tissue beneath the skin. Places like Knot Theory have designed silicone wedding rings as a result.

Bryan Shaw on the situation involving his rubber wedding ring and Tigers manager Brad Ausmus. #Indians

— Hayden Grove April 24, 2016

Retailers like QALO, found on Twitter, explain the types of people who favor their functional wedding bands” for the lifestyles that dont necessitate wearing gold or silver wedding bands.

The functional wedding band for an active lifestyle. Worn by active people, firefighters, soldiers & professional athletes. Much more than a rubber wedding ring. Southern California •

QALO is based in California, and their silicone wedding rings include a failsafe sort of feature that means the rings will break cleanly if they are caught on anything, helping prevent injuries.

On Instagram, the hashtag titled #rubberweddingband has 20 posts, with photos of folks featuring their high-performance rubber or elastic bands. Many of the rubber wedding bands are a lot more economical than traditional diamond engagement rings and gold wedding bands. The rubber or silicone wedding rings tend to be priced around $20 and are typically worn by those who dont care about wearing flashy jewels constantly but prefer to eschew the risk of wearing metal wedding rings for the safety of wearing colorful rubber wedding rings.

Tweeting with one hand.

— jimmy fallon June 26, 2015

The hashtag #siliconering has a whopping 480 posts on Instagram, with Fallon being credited with helping millions of folks learn about QALO, after the company used Fallons accident to run targeted ads for their product. QALO didnt know theyd end up directly targeting Fallons fans, but they did anyway and discovered a large portion of their customer base as a result.

On Amazon, a plethora of rubber and silicone wedding rings are available and are made in a variety of colors and styles. Some of the rubber wedding rings are designed with a metallic type of color to imitate the look of gold or silver.

Some of the rubber wedding rings, like the Silicone Wedding Ring For Women with diamond” on Amazon imitate the look of a real diamond. Other rubber wedding rings are called SafeRingz, with the look of real metal.

With more men and women becoming involved in high-intensity sports like CrossFit or boot camp classes that involve lifting weights, the popularity of wanting a safe rubber ring that wont bump against the weights is growing. Companies like Union Ring Company have taglines that dub their rubber wedding bands Wedding Bands For Active Guys.”

The official Instagram account for Union Ring Company- stylish flexible wedding bands for active guys. #unionringco

The customer reviews for rubber wedding rings on Amazon prove that some customers love the so-called safe” rings.

As reported by KSL, Brighton Jones helped create the rubber rings named Enso after going through plenty of ring problems in the past.

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