Jennifer Lopez Opens Up About Her Beauty Secrets and How Her Kids Help Her Stay Young

Jennifer Lopez has been a sex symbol for decades and ET is unlocking her beauty secrets.

For starters, the 47-year-old singer credits clean living and staying out of the sun for helping her youthful glow.

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"It's so funny because I always feel like I just started out," Lopez told ET. "And when I think about all the years that have passed it's kind of like, 'Wow, that's how old I am? When did all of this happen?'"

Lopez also credits her 8-year-old twins, Max and Emme, as being partly responsible for her persistent youthfulness.

"They keep you very young and running around, and I still get to dance and perform," she said. "That keeps you very in shape and youthful as well."

Aside from child rearing and performing, J.Lo also sticks to a healthy diet, daily meditation and plenty of sleep.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night...I have a ritual every year once everyone is asleep I like to go sit by the tree and think about the year that just went by. Check in on how I feel right in that moment about everything in my life. The magic of the sparkly tree always takes me away into my thoughts and feelings... and this year I can honestly say my heart is full. This year had its ups and downs but as I sit here in my living room w my coconuts sleeping soundly upstairs, all of us healthy, a house full of family and friends, I feel surrounded by love and overflowing with gratitude for the many new blessings in my life!!! Merry Christmas everyone

"Sleep is super important to me," she said. "I learned that when I hit the wall early in my career and got sick. I realized I have a limit. You will fall down at a certain point and mommies can't do that."

And nothing comes before J.Lo's mommy duties. The Shades of Blue star enjoyed some family time over the Christmas holiday, which included documenting the fabulous musical entrance of her mom, Guadalupe Rodriguez.

Judging from the pep in Rodriguez's step, good genes might also be a major contributor to J.Lo's timeless beauty.

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Rachel McAdams poses with make-up artist sister for beauty shoot

Rachel McAdams' sister and make-up artist Kayleen always has a calming effect on her.

The two siblings posed side by side for The Hollywood Reporters annual Beauty Issue, both wearing ethereal peach gowns which perfectly complemented their matching blonde hair.

Kayleen has a very calming effect on me,” Rachel told the publication. Spending two hours with her beforehand sets me for the night.”

Rachel McAdams

I like to know I can help calm you before you go out there because theres a lot coming at you,” Kayleen replied.

Emma Stone also posed for the issue, sitting alongside make-up artist Rachel Goodwin and hairstylist Mara Roszak in a stunning black and white snap. The trio were also captured for a colour shot, with Rachel straddling a chair while Emma and Mara stood either side of her.

One of the best parts about working with these ladies is that it is such a collaboration. It sort of feels like each look is a character," Emma smiled.

Elle Fanning was captured alongside her make-up artist Erin Ayanian Monroe. For the first photo the Maleficent star wore a floaty pale blue celebrity dresses uk, which bared her chest. The second was a brighter look, comprising a metallic gown and bold turquoise and red eye make-up.

Elle has an adventurous spirit, so we have a great time coming up with unexpected looks,” Erin shared.

For Elle the partnership works so well because the pair understand one another.

We get each other. There are moments where we feel like two teenage girls together,” she said.

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the beauty of Shia LaBeouf

Andrea Arnold – Oscar and Bafta-winner, three-time recipient of the Jury Prize at Cannes, and probably the best British filmmaker working today – isnt the kind of person youd imagine might feel the lightning bolt of inspiration strike halfway through a Transformers movie.

Katie Jarvis in Fish Tank

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Her films stray from the beaten path at the first chance they get, rooting out magic in lifes shadows and silences – and as yet, none have involved robots punching holes in a skyscraper. But it was during a trip to see Transformers in 2007 that the first piece of her new film fell into place.

I just remember him being beautiful,” says the 55-year-old director, kicking her heels on the sill of her hotel room window in Londons Soho one evening, while the autumn sun dips behind the castellations of chimneys outside. (She invites me to squeeze up beside her: in a decade of interviewing actors and directors in this very room, shes the first one not to sit on the sofa.)

Arnold is talking about Shia LaBeouf, the Transformers franchises then-20-year-old leading man, who was then being groomed by the films executive producer Steven Spielberg for clean-cut blockbuster stardom. He was great in it. Its what I always remembered him from. He felt very real in it” – she pauses, smiles – for a film that was not a real thing.”

One plagiarism scandal, a few run-ins with the law, and a paper bag over his head on the red carpet at the Berlin Film Festival later, LaBeoufs career may not have traced the glitzy arc Spielberg once envisioned. But Arnold kept his face filed away, just in case. And in 2015, when she turned her imagination to the casting of American Honey – a film about a band of young souls on an endless pan-American road trip – LaBeouf came looming out of the murk.

And fittingly so, because the promise of a second chance – the possibility of a clean break from whatever class or caste has you by the ankles – hangs over each of Arnolds films like a lodestar. In Fish Tank, Mia, a council estate teen, honed her dance moves and dreamt of escape. Red Road, her debut, had Jackie, a CCTV guard driving out the ghosts of traumas past. Her 2011 adaptation of Wuthering Heights was a rain-lashed, elemental spell of a film in which an outcast (and unambiguously dark-skinned) Heathcliff seeks solace in a love affair with his adoptive sister.

Even Arnold herself is something of a Transformer. She grew up in Dartford, Kent with her mother and three younger siblings and left school at 16. After a brief stint as a dancer on Top of the Pops, she became a childrens television presenter on the Saturday morning show No. 73, alongside Sandi Toksvig and Neil Buchanan.

Her hair was curly and red, and she shot around the set on roller skates: as a four-year-old boy, I was slightly obsessed, and once wrote her a fan letter with a drawing of her in crayon. (She replied with a thank you note and some badges, and I was over the moon. I tried to write back to everyone,” she grins.)

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Woman, 25, found hanged after her treatment for depression was delayed

Dionne Corbett, 25, was described as the life and soul of the party” – but was allegedly let down by her local hospital and mental health services.

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An inquest into her death found that there were delays in her treatment, which meant that her GP did not have the paperwork on her latest hospital visit when he saw her three days before she killed herself.

Ms Corbett, from Breightmet near Bolton, was found hanged at her Winchester Way home on February 26.

Four days before she died she injected herself with adrenaline and was admitted to hospital – but left before a doctor first called for her 40mins later.

The next day she visited her GP, which resulted in him arranging further contact with specialists, but she killed herself before those meetings could have been arranged.

The single mothers family say not enough was done to support her.

Assistant coroner Rachael Griffin, sitting at Bolton Coroners Court said that she could not understand why in this day and age” an email had not been sent when a letter failed to arrive.

It was revealed that if a patients practice had joined a data management hub – like those located in Bolton – their hospital attendance notes are automatically transferred within four hours of discharge. Otherwise they are printed and posted to GPs.

It meant that when she went to discuss her mental health with a GP the day after her hospital visit the important medical notes had not yet arrived by letter.

The GP faxed a referral form to the local mental health trust under an urgent classification but said in hindsight his assessment would have been the same even if he had had the notes.

Miss Griffin said: In this day and age digitally is a lot quicker and for the care of a patient and prevention of a death or a missed opportunity of treatment electrically would be safer.

This concerns me, and it concerns me the there could be the death of somebody in the future.”

However Royal Bolton Hospital gave assurances to Miss Griffin that their system was undergoing an overhaul that started in Manchester, and that steps would be taken” in the meantime.

Miss Griffin found that there was no evidence of neglect” with regards to Ms Corbetts death and she recorded a narrative verdict that Dionne died as a consequence of self-suspension by ligature in circumstances where her intention remains unclear.”

Speaking at the inquest her aunt Debbie Wilcock, said that the death of her mother and father within weeks of each other in 2013 had a significant impact on her life.

The fit and healthy” single mum loved going to the gym, and planned on a future in health and beauty her aunt told the court.

She said: I feel that she was let down. The NHS failed in their duty of care to Dionne, they had every warning sign there.

On two consecutive days shes gone and tried to get help.

She must have been desperate for the help.

How bad do you have to be to get a mental health worker to help you? Its unbelievable.”

The last time Dionne was heard from was at around 12pm on February 25 2016, before she was found hanged from the banisters of her home the following day.

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Incredible Photos Show Beauty of Kids With Down Syndrome Who Might Have Been Aborted

Four years after Julie Willson lost her sister Dina, who had Down syndrome, to congestive heart failure, she decided that it was time to do something to remind people about the value of individuals with disabilities.


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Willson, a photographer from New Jersey, told Good Housekeeping that she was devastated by the studies showing that as many as 92 percent of unborn babies who are diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted. So, in memory of her sister, Willson created an adorable photo series featuring children and babies with Down syndrome.

I want people to see these children and know that if they are having a baby who has been diagnosed with Down syndrome, although it may be scary, they will be blessed beyond words,” she said.

Dina was the best thing that could have ever happened to our family. She taught us what true unconditional love is and how to go through life without worries,” she continued. She would light up any room that she walked into and people were always drawn to her sweet, yet stubborn personality.”

She told A Plus that she hopes her photos and her sisters story will help fight the stigma and fears that parents often face when they are told that their unborn child has Down syndrome.

Willson said her sister was the biggest blessing” to her family, and Dina lived twice as long as doctors originally predicted. She said her sister was a very happy person and enjoyed her life.

SUPPORT LIFENEWS! If you like this pro-life article, please help with a donation!

One of the families who Willson featured in her photo shoot also shared their story in a video that Willson produced. The family constantly heard discouraging news after they found out that their daughter Kennedy had Down syndrome.

Theres nobody telling you that its an amazing journey … and that shes going to bring smiles to your life every single day – nobody tells you that,” Kennedys mother told Willson. They tell you that she not going to walk in a year. They tell you that shes not going to talk in a year. They dont tell you all the love and everything that shes going to bring into your family.”

In the past few years, LifeNews has reported numerous stories of families who were pressured to abort their unborn children because of a disability like Down syndrome. Rather than receiving encouragement and support, many of the families said they faced discrimination and often were asked repeatedly to consider abortion.

Fortunately, projects like Willsons are helping to overcome discrimination against people who have disabilities and shedding light on the value of every human life.

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While promoting Victoria's Secret's new Easy bra line, Angel Elsa Hosk sat down yesterday to talk about the start of her modeling career, her beauty fixes, bikini obsession (her current favorite style is a one-piece), and her itching love for basketball. All while sitting pretty in a stunning white lace Nina Ricci formal dresses online.

Read through the model's best quotes below, and scroll down to watch her full live interview.

Harper's BAZAAR: How did you get discovered as a model?

Elsa Hosk: It was a long time ago, I was 13, and my dad actually sent photos to two different agencies of all of my family, and I had no idea. I was such a tomboy. I was playing basketball, living in Sweden, I didn't give a sh*t — I mean, obviously did not have dreams to be a model. Then they both responded and my dad was like, "You're going up to the agency!" We took photos, and it was such a foreign world to me. I remember I was wearing hand-me-downs from my brother and sitting there, trying to be cool, and then it went from there.

HB: What's your favorite part of your job?

EH: My favorite part about modeling is probably my least favorite part as well. It's traveling. Because it goes both ways. It's so amazing to get to see the world; we're so fortunate to go to all these places that I would never be in unless I was a model.

HB: Would you still be playing basketball if you weren't modeling?

EH: Probably! I was so into it. We were practicing seven days a week, games on the weekends—it was my life. I lived for it. I went to school and then I practiced after. My dad put up a basket on my street and I was practicing every day. It was just nuts. But I miss it. Whenever I see a ball I get itchy!

HB: Was working for Victoria's Secret ever a goal when you first started your modeling career?

EH: When I first started, I had no idea that I was even gonna get one job. So it was so different. I started in Sweden and the jobs just started coming in. I was sent to Japan for a month, and I was working like crazy in Japan, like three jobs a day. They do things very differently there; you have a job from five in the morning 'till 12 PM, you have a lunch break and then you do another job. [The jobs] are very short concentrated. So I came back from there thinking that was what modeling was, that you just work every day and have three jobs a day. But obviously, that's not the case in Europe and America. But I never thought I would get to the point where I was walking Victoria's Secret fashion shows and being an Angel. It's all still really surreal to me. My brother is like, "You are a Victoria's Secret Angel?" He cannot believe it. When I told him the first time he was like, "You? On that catwalk?" So it's such an amazing surprise for me in my career to be able to do this.

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1 Light Beauty Portrait Setup

I have a lot of respect for photographers who solely focus on beauty imagery. Its definitely a skillset that Ive been honing over the past few years, but ultimately one that Ive come to develop an appreciation for. However, beauty photography does not have to be terribly difficult. In this tutorial, Ill show you how to create beautiful beauty lighting with a single studio strobe and a reflector.

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Anyone who knows me, or my body of work, can tell you that I love simplicity. I dont like lugging around a ton of gear. I try to minimize the amount of lights used to light my images – usually, Ill opt for a single light. I actually dont mind, not having an assistant on set. It strips away portrait, fashion and beauty photography to its core essence, which is working with your subject to capture the imagery you envision.

When it comes to beauty photography, Ive never really seen a good concrete definition that I was content with, so Im going to try to make up my own. To me, beauty photography is:

A portrait that primarily focuses on emphasizing a womens beauty in the most alluring way possible to showcase said beauty.When you think of beauty photography, your brain should automatically recall the images that you see in Sephora, MAC, or behind the Macys beauty counter. That doesnt mean that your subject needs a ton of makeup in order to showcase her beauty! She could just be showcasing her natural beauty.

For this setup, Westcott was kind enough to let me try their new Rapid Box Beauty Dish. It literally just hit the market, so I was really excited to put it to use. Its a collapsible 24” 16-Panel white beauty dish that fits in a small tote bag. Whats not to like? Ive mounted that modifier onto a Profoto D1 500w, placed 45-degrees above my subject.

Below my subject's face, Im using a Rogue Super Soft Silver Reflector, to bounce light back into my subjects face in order to lighten any shadows the BD does not fill in. And thats about it!

Ive opted to open up my aperture to its widest value, in this case, thats f/2.8, since Im using the Tamron 90mm f/2.8. This allows me to focus in on the eyes and blur the edges of the face in a beautiful manner.

Prior to filming this tutorial, I used this same setup to shoot an editorial for a large publication, which conveniently rhymes with Yell. Ill be sure to post those images below, once theyre released in the magazine.

All in all, this makes for a really easy replicable lighting setup you can easily create at home.

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Korean beauty guru Pony shares make-up tips with Singapore fans

Korean beauty guru and YouTube vlogger Pony shared some of her favourite make-up and skincare tips and tricks with fans in Singapore last Friday (May 13).

Korean beauty guru Pony shares make-up tips with Singapore fans

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Famous for her tutorial videos on how to achieve the iconic make-up looks of pop stars such as Girls Generation and Taylor Swift, Pony's fans were more than excited to meet her in person at the launch of Etude House's newest outlet at Bugis Junction.

Just under a month ago, Pony perfected Swift's signature red lip look in her transformation video. Within days, the video went viral and garnered over 7 million views and 104,000 likes.

However, Pony shared during a question-and-answer (Q&A) session that the red lip trend is slowly dying again.

She referenced Korea's current obsession with the MLBB (My Lips But Better) shade - a shade of nude lipstick that's almost identical to your natural lip colour - as an example of how women are trying to bring back the "less is more" look.

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A visual beauty aid for women of color

When it comes to the makeup industry, women of color such as beauty and fashion blogger Ofunne Amaka can grow tired of being left on the sidelines. Although some strides have been made toward diversity, the majority of ad campaigns for leading cosmetics brands continue to feature mostly white models.

photos:MarieProm prom dresses manchester

So in March 2015, Amaka created Cocoa Swatches, an Instagram account catering to makeup enthusiasts with underrepresented complexions. Following the success of the account — which now has more than 36,000 followers — she furthered her mission by launching the Cocoa Swatches app (free, iOS and Android) on Feb. 29. It has been downloaded about 30,000 times, says Amaka, 26.

The app features a frequently updated collection of images, created by Amaka, showing swatches of lip, eye shadow and blush products as they appear on darker skin tones. It also offers videos of the week, recommendations and makeup product comparisons. A comment button allows users to pose questions or add their thoughts on products.

ADVERTISINGLike that friend who knows the best beauty bloggers you should be following, Cocoa Swatches introduces users to popular makeup gurus, such as ItsMyRayeRaye (Raye Boyce), the Style and Beauty Doctor (Danielle Gray) and Jackie Aina. Under Makeup Experts We Love,” users can follow links to the experts Instagram posts and YouTube videos, where they offer tips and tutorials on things like applying liquid lipstick, contouring and creating the perfect cat eye, especially helpful for makeup novices.

Im a bit of an amateur myself when it comes to makeup — the other day I had to ask a friend the difference between liquid lipstick and lip gloss. Knowing that this app was designed to meet the needs of women who look like me made me comfortable turning to it to up my game. The videos of the week and links to makeup experts are among my favorite features, and Im excited to see how the app expands to represent a greater variety of black womens skin tones.

Because Im the one creating the original content, it obviously starts with me, and I have a darker complexion,” Amaka says. She hopes the app will eventually feature the skin tones of women of African descent from throughout the world.

As Amaka wrote on her website,, makeup can be used as a creative extension of personality.”

Whether youre like me and arent sure where to start, or a makeup fan tired of guessing how products will look when they meet your skin, this app pairs convenience with inclusiveness.

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3 Game-Changing Natural Beauty Products I Discovered on My Trip to South Africa

The V & A Waterfront in Cape Town is a great place to shop for gifts and find pieces from local and international brands, and my favorite booth was Hey Gorgeous, a locally-sourced brand that sells a whole range of beauty treats that sound good enough to devour (examples: Cappuccino & Caramel Fudge Body Scrub, Calorie-Free Super Sweet Cupcake Bath Bombs, and Butterscotch Lip Balm). It was tough trying to narrow it down, but I ended up buying their Matcha & Manuka Face & Body Scrub, which combines matcha green tea (which has antioxidant and exfoliating benefits) and manuka honey, a natural humectant that heals skin and helps seal moisture in. While you might think the gritty castor sugar granules seem a little abrasive for your face, the thick mix of honey and oils make for a nice buffer, so it leaves skin dewy and smooth, not irritated or raw. And you can even skip moisturizer after using it, because even after you rinse, you'll notice a (thin, non-slimy; do not worry!) Layer of jojoba, grape seed, and sweet almond oil left behind.


images: 2016 prom dresses

En route to my safari (which was a four-hour drive west of Cape Town), I made a pit stop at Ou Meul Bakkery. Oumeul is a half-outdoor eating spot that also sells its own spreads, snacks, and-wait for it-skin care. The spot even has a whole shelf that's dedicated to Simply Bee products, and I was curious enough to pick up a Honey Scrub, Hand Cream, Antiseptic, Lip Balm, and Propolis Balm. That last one was the most intriguing to me: Propolis, as explained on the product's label, is "a substance collected by bees to protect the hive, and has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties." The family-owned company sources their honey and propolis from their own hives.

During my first night at the reserve, I smoothed little bit of the balm over my entire face before going to bed. What hit me first was the smell-which, to be fair, is downright foul. There's something earthy and rancid about it, almost like if honey were to go bad. I was on the verge of regretting my purchase ... until I woke up the following morning to the softest, smoothest, glowiest skin ever. All evidence of the dryness and dullness I'd racked up after my long-haul flights and lack of sleep seemed to have disappeared completely. I even went back and picked up another jar of it on my way back, because suddenly the idea of ever running out of the awful-smelling miracle balm seemed too much to bear.

After having breakfast at the The Neighborgoods Market at the Old Biscuit Mill, a popular flea market in Cape Town, I met Nelle van Deventer, founder of a skin-care brand called Wass Skin Food). Van Deventer's background is in fashion, and after having traveled extensively, she developed a love for natural ingredients; she infuses that philosophy in all of the products she creates. She's also big on simplicity, design, and high-quality ingredients. The most popular product in the line by far, says Van Deventer, is the Hydrate + Repair Body Treatment Oil, which contains patchouli and cold-pressed marula oil to hydrate and even out skin tone. I ended up leaving with the Rose Geraium lip balm, which is derived from all-natural plant sources. I kept the tin of superlight, faintly rose-scented balm in my purse for the remainder of my travels, applying it constantly throughout my long flight back to the US, and I somehow landed with quenched, soft, not-the-least-bit -chapped lips, so I consider that a win.

The good news is that you can buy all of these products online and have them shipped stateside-but if you ever do find yourself in Cape Town, make it a priority to check out the many high-quality, natural-based beauty offerings the city has to offer.

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