The fishnet tights trend is dividing the office

The fishnet tight is having a bit of a moment. Hot off the Simone Rocha, Jeremy Scott and Ashley Williams runway, the holey hosiery has become a celebrity favourite.

But with the fishnet tight failing to shake off its kinky past, this trend isn't for everyone.

Stylish or slutty, classy or tarty, this is one trend that has certainly divided the office. Here fashion director Amber Graafland, 44, and fashion editor Lauren Goodwin-Grafton, 28, make the case for and against.

As a woman, hosiery has become an essential part of my wardrobe. Especially when the winter months hit, I pretty much live in them on a daily basis. Ideal for winter proofing my floral red carpet dressesand midi skirts, I must spend a fortune over the chilly season in keeping my tights draw in tip top condition- bobbly tights are also a particular pet hate of mine. But there's one style you won't be finding in there any time soon- a kinky pair of fishnets.

If you're anything like me, you're probably thinking why on earth would you anyway? Well, this may come as a shock (it did for me) but fishnets are having a BIG moment in the style spotlight. The controversial trend took off on the AW16 catwalks and we've spotted loads of celebs jumping on the bandwagon ever since - Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, Kendall Jenner and Gwyneth Paltrow to name just a few.

Vogue have even written a fashion feature about how fabulous they are. But sorry, as much as I can appreciate these ladies' one-step-ahead style credentials and Vogue's obvious influence, I still can't bring myself to buy a pair.

Now don't get me wrong, I've tried all sorts of strange hosiery styles back in my school days...from those big window pane checks and dainty polka dots, to the bright and shockingly bold. Yes, I'm ashamed to say you may have even spotted me in a Shrek green pair (I blame the early Noughties).

But I think I might have a 'fishnetophobia'. Can they ever be worn without having tarty connotations, or ever look good unless you have svelte supermodel pins like Gigi Hadid? I'm not so sure.

So maybe I've been scared from my early Noughties school days...when it was cool to let your tights do all the talking. Or is it the fact I spend most of my time trying not to get holes in my tights? Either way, to me this trend just seems so wrong.

Sorry but my love for holey hosiery will never take off, opaques for me only please...

OK, so I know what you're thinking, I'm 44, am I really sure about this? And shouldn't the mutton-o-meter be ringing in my ears?

But trust me; this trend can work. But it's all about wearing it the right way... obviously.

Wear a pair of fishnets with a mini skirt and high heels and yes, you're gonna look like you're heading to a tarts and tramps fancy celebrity dresses ukparty.

Wear them to the gym like Mariah Carey last week and no, the world isn't going to take you very seriously.

Here's How to Handle All of the Questions About Your Wedding

As soon as that ring slips on your finger, the questions begin: Whens the wedding? Have you picked a venue yet? How many guests are you having? Whos going to be the officiant? How big is your bridal party? Have you found your prom dresses manchesteryet?

People ask these things only out of excitement and happiness for you, but it doesnt always feel that way. In fact, all of this interest in what is a deeply personal decision-making process can feel like a lot of pressure. It makes you feel pushed to know what kind of wedding you want before youre even used to wearing the rock on your left hand. You feel pestered to make major, complicated and very expensive decisions quickly, just to have answers to your family and friends' enthusiastic queries. Before long, youre snippy and defensive: We dont know yet!”

Our advice? Stay in the we dont know yet” stage for a while — but without the snippiness and defensiveness. We want to help you linger in the sweetness of being newly engaged. Before you get bogged down in the budgets and guest lists and your two families' different expectations, tastes and financial situations, just be here; be present in this new and important stage of your life.

Sounds great, but how do you stop the questions from coming? Deflect. Deflect. Deflect.

When the questions start, say something like, Yes, were so excited and so happy to be engaged! Were just enjoying this stage as we start to figure things out.” Simple.

When they push for specifics, respond with, Were looking at lots of options, and we want the families to meet before we get specific.” Simple yet vague.

If they still dont get the hint that you have no concrete plans and are not wanting to share your vision, its time to deflect, deflect, deflect. Say something like, I love that we dont have to make any decisions right away. Tell me, Nosy Noserson, what did you love at your wedding? What have you seen that you thought was really cool? Id love to hear your thoughts.”

People love, love, love to talk about themselves and their ideas, and pulling this move is an easy way to get them off of the topic of your wedding. You can even take notes on your phone. (Whether you look at them ever again is totally up to you.) At the very least, youve bought yourself space and time from all of the inquiries to simply enjoy being engaged.

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Berlin Fashion Week - a colourful collection of inspired craziness

It was time to show off in Berlin as the city celebrated its fashion week. It is an inspirational time, a platform for the creative with the focus on the young.

Austrian designer Lena Hoschek went back to the 80s and 90s with her new collection which she called Dolls House.

The inspiration did not only come from my own childhood and dolls but also from sexy girls, showgirls, Hollywood, America, from the good times,” she explained.

Colour, crazy and loud – thats what the Graz-based designer was aiming for. And the core inspiration was an old t-shirt which her mum used to wear back in the 80s.

It was turquoise, light blue, pinkish – typical candy colours, and very much of the time, loosely cut with Mickey Mouse on it. A souvenir of the 80s.

Many of the wide-swinging long evening dressesand skirts made from cotton, jersey and lam, with names such as Confetti Dress” or Candy Dress”, also exuded charm with polka dots, little hearts and specially made lipstick prints.

The 35-year-old said that for her the 80s and the 90s with the grunge music were strongly connected to girl power. She was, she said a loud girl, into punk and grunge in a big way in her teenage years.

And thats really what her new collection is all about.

The Marc Cain Label

Berlins Imperial Telegraph Office was the location for German label Marc Cain. Among the stars was American actress and model Kate Bosworth, who made her name in the Robert Redford directed movie the Horse Whisperer.

Alexandra Maria Lara best known for her role in Downfall which tells of final days of Hitler joined the celebrities as well.

The Autumn/Winter Collection will be sporty mixed with couture. We have a lot of wonderful materials. Satin, lurex, tulle, chiffon,” explained the label creative director Karin Veit.

The theme for the show was Ballet Magnifique with sophisticated textiles and feminine forms. There were skirts with blazers and long formal dressessignaling the return of knitted. The Marc Cain company specializes in knitted material which is 100% made in Germany

There were strong colours with bold reds and oranges with mixed prints blossoms, leopard print, all colourfully mixed together.

Marc Cain is an international company which was founded in 1973 and is based in a small community in the South West of Germany. The company has almost 1000 employs in Germany alone and it sells their clothes in 58 countries.

Dorothee Schumacher

Fashion designer Dorothee Schumacher is also one of Germanys most successful labels with shops in around 45 countries.

The Dsseldorf-born designers creations are suited perfectly to the Berlin scene with its mix of patterns and emphasis on the feminine and the wearable.

Berlins fashion week is renowned for being less conventional than its European counterparts, less high fashion and more high street, and Schumachers creations are very Berlin.

Mariana Hoermanseder

French-Austrian Mariana Hoermanseder lives and works in Berlin

Its the first time I have worked with the colour black, I used to say I would never do that because I thought it might look too much fetishist. But now I dont just want to please people I also want to surprise. I hope there will be some Ahhhhhhhs in the audience,” she said.

There were surprises – daring and a lot of leather, exaggerated silhouettes, strong and provocative colours.

Marina Hoermanseder is one of Berlins emerging fashion designer. She was born to a French mother and an Austrian father and studied at Londons Central Saint Martins College of Art and at the ESMOD fashion school in Berlin.

She created her own label in 2013.

Her extravagant and fancy clothes have had the seal of approval from international stars like Lady Gaga, Rihanna and British electro musician, dancer and model FKA Twigs. All have worn her clothes on video shoots.

Saara Aalto to invite Sharon Osbourne to wedding

The 'X Factor' runner-up and her girlfriend Meri Sopanen have been forced to push back their wedding while the Finnish beauty focuses on her music career but she's already decided that she'd like her show mentor to watch them get hitched.

pics;plus size evening dresses uk

She explained: "Our date will hopefully be in 2018 and I'd like to get married somewhere warm. In Finland and the UK you can't predict the weather. We want it to be sunny. Something small and intimate because my work is so public. That would be good for me, but my partner wants to have a big wedding."

Asked if she will invite Sharon, Saara said: "Yes, I hope she'd come! She texted me asking how my life is going since 'X Factor' and I texted her back a few days ago."

As well as planning her big day, the 29-year-old singer is also hoping to collaborate with Matt Terry - who beat her to the winner's crown last year - some time this year.

She said: "Me and Matt Terry would love to record music together, maybe something on YouTube to our fans. And a Finnish TV company will be following my life for the next eight months for a documentary. It will be a nice memory to watch when I'm old."

But her career isn't just limited to Finland as Saara is also planning to do some presenting - something she's always dreamed of doing - in the UK.

She added to star magazine: "I want to have a go at presenting. As a child I was always filming my own TV shows with my sister, so it feels natural to me."

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I like photographing people moving and cultures shifting

Gary Monroe was born in 1951 and raised in the changing environment of Miami Beach. He attended the University of South Florida for his undergraduate degree and received a masters degree in fine arts from the University of Colorado in 1977. Returning to Miami Beach, he began photographing the life of South Beach, and in particular, the disappearing Jewish culture. For ten years he documented the changes occurring in the area and has left an astonishing visual record of the period.

In 1980 Monroe became interested in the Haitian refugees who were sailing to South Floridas shores and received unprecedented access to photograph the areas Krome Resettlement Camp. He would continue to document Haitians acculturation in South Florida and the Haitian Diaspora in general, eventually travelling to Haiti twenty-four times under the aid of a Fulbright fellowship in order to document life in the nation.

pics:long formal dresses

Moving to Central Florida in 1987, Monroe would become intrigued with tourist attractions and in particular, commercialized Disney World presenting documentary realism under the auspices of the Florida State University Museum and grants from the Florida Humanities Council. Many of his images have been concerned with foreign cultures since 1990 with Monroe traveling to such locations as India, Egypt, Israel, and Brazil documenting the socio-political realities of the nations and mounting exhibitions concerning his various photographic series. Since the mid-1980s, Monroe has worked to write and educate the public about different groups of artists. Monroe was appointed to the Florida Humanities in 1998 and he has authored several books particularly on various Floridian artists. He has lectured nationwide, and assists collectors and museums in education about photography, international cultures, and of course Florida and the artists that have called the state home.

Sara Tasini: You and I have at least one thing in common: we are both Florida natives! Tell me what you found so interesting about Florida when you first decided it would make a good subject for photography.

Gary Monroe: We are natives to different Floridas. The changes, especially to South Florida since the millennia, have been stunning; its the same location but another place. I never imagined myself as making historical photographs but now I see, and even appreciate, this fact. Still I hope its secondary to my real intentions–a consequence of my aims that were and still are aesthetic and essentially purposeless. I never consciously saw the state as a subject. I was drawn to return home to South Beach (when South Beach was South Beach) after graduate school in 1977, to spend a decade living among and photographing the old world culture that then distinguished the community. As you may know, South Beach was the last resort for elderly Jewish people who made it a sort of shtetl, and it was amazing. The process of what or even how to photograph is never conscious–it unfolds.

Could you tell me a bit about the rites of passage” to Disney World pictures? I find that idea quite amusing.

A Disney World vacation is not your everyday vacation; its hardly fun, at least it didnt look like children and families were enjoying themselves. It is a sanitized version of a prescribed cartoonish reality. It seemed that families were on a sort of rite of passage, as if to be sanctified along the long, arduous trip… and an expensive journey when the credit card bills arrive. But they could say they did it.

What first drew you to photography and what keeps you there?

During my freshman year at USF I was in a friends dorm room and he had some thirty 8x10s tacked to his wall. Something got to me, not the images but how the camera mediated the look and feel of reality and something about the authority that the images possessed. I soon changed majors from psychology to fine arts, and never looked back. Nor did I ever work commercially or journalistically. It is still that transformation from reality to picture that keeps me as engaged as ever, though the nature of the engagement is, of course, different from when I was younger. Im still intrigued, amazed by the world and as curious as ever to see how my intuitions find form as images.

Do you, or have you ever, looked to other photographers or artists for inspiration or education? Your street style photography has a certain resemblance to the pictures of Winogrand, Cartier-Bresson, and Frank.

You named the holy trinity, and yes, the works of Bresson, Frank, and Winogrand set me off in the direction I followed, never doubted, and explored. They understood that no contrivance could match what happens all the time, every day and everywhere, and how pregnant with possibility and meaning and nearly impossible it is to realize on film. And I still use film and an old Leica camera. I understood early on to strip bare artifice and deal with essential form.

How do you select which photographs to print when you take so many shots?

I thought I knew the answer to this, until recently. My archive is rather large and organized, but I put it in hyper mode a year ago; one of the things I did was remove duplicate prints from my categorized boxes of 11”x14” prints. While going through 2,000-plus South Beach prints I had a sinking feeling that there was more to it. I mean, this was my birdsong. So I pulled the first decade of contacts sheets (1977-1986) and went through them, noting any images that interested me that I didnt previously catch. I was young and, I guess, easily distracted. Besides, my interest was never in the darkroom. The total was 6,000 images. I went though the contact sheets two more times, culling until arriving at 800 images. I recently finished printing these, and these photographs do fill that void, very satisfyingly.

For me, its a formal problem, how to shape content. But the last thing I want to happen is to make tried and true compositions. The form I am referring to is realized by a deep breath and a prayer, and one must relinquish knowledge and expectations. Few come together freshly as images, and these need to be as fresh as the experience, and be even more surprising. Otherwise, without that risk, one is illustrating the obvious.

What is more interesting to photograph, people or nature?

Landscape photography never interested me. The Hudson River School artists did a fine job of painting it, and there was not much more to say after Ansel Adams. I like photographing people moving and cultures shifting. It has to do with the act of photographing in that instant and realizing an image that is more than was bargained for. It is nearly impossible, and yet it seems so easy.

About a decade ago I did something I never imagined doing: I bought a medium format camera to photograph Floridas changing topography, my idea of the landscape. I made many photographs of big box stores, fast food restaurants, and strip malls. It was all new then (pre-recession), freshly painted and predictably manicured. Everything was beginning to look alike.

Traveling to countries like Haiti and India, was it hard to adjust to the very different nature of subjects you were photographing compared to those in the U.S.?

I have never had a hard time adjusting. I never felt more alive than when I was in Haiti; I went there 24 times between 1984 and 2001. I feel elated wherever Im photographing, but especially in third world countries, invincible, but still vulnerable. I was exposed–you let go.

What is your favorite place youve traveled to and why?

Haiti, by far. It was life altering, wonderful and magical, unlike any other place on Earth. Like South Beach, its changed radically.

What is the story behind your picture, Spiritual Reading?”

All my photographs are untitled, so Im not certain which one from that body of work–Cassadaga–youre referring to. Nevertheless, Cassadaga is a Spiritualist community in central Florida and Spiritualism is a religion based in the belief that ones spirit does not die with the body but moves on to the spirit plane and that trained mediums can communicate with the spirits. I was fortunate to be permitted to photograph there with trust and without restriction for more than a year. The photograph, I think, you asked about is of a medium conducting a reading during an evening service, in their beautiful sanctuary.

Do you have certain pictures that youd call your favorites,” or ones that are very meaningful to you?

Yes and no. There are some on my website and at the gallery that sum up my beliefs about camera work and photographic imagery, and there are a lot more. Saying that, I can edit my many prints down to relatively few, maybe 300, yet thats more than anyone could ask for. Ive been fortunate, but then again, I work hard.

You have published several books about Floridian folk artists who were largely unknown prior to your exposure. What inspired you to champion the work of these artists?

Mid-life/ mid-career, a wrong turn off I-95, a moment of weakness…. Many of the teachers, mentors, and photographers Id long admired burned-out or, worse, made lackluster, watered-down versions of their once fine work in the latter years of their careers. I understood it; there seems to be a shelf life to unfettered creativity, to establishing ones aesthetic. But I was determined to come through it relatively unscathed. I planned a year during which Id get caught up in my darkroom, which was unimaginable, and think through the issues that confront us when we realize that our vitality wanes.

I couldnt not be photographing so I thought I would do something fairly easy: photograph Outsider artists, whose raw, impulsive energy always intrigued me. The portraits begged for narrative and, coming from a generation of arts students taught not to talk or, god forbid, write about ones work, I was reticent and unprepared. But I always liked contradictions and challenges so I took on writing a couple paragraphs about each artist. Then I stumbled onto the Highwaymen, a group of African-American landscape painters, and my publisher, University Press of Florida, suggested a book about them–no photos. I embarked on an ancillary career then for almost a decade. It was rewarding and Im glad I did it, but glad its behind me; I much prefer to be photographing.

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How to style a sweater and skirt in the winter

Lately, I can't get enough of a dramatic sleeve. Statement sleeves have been SO major the past season and I, for one, am totally on board. Gimme all the sweaters, tops, and plus size prom dresses ukwith a ruffle or bell sleeve. I MEAN... you know that I'm a sucker for a ruffle just IN GENERAL. Ruffles are all the yes to me.

So when I spotted this blush sweater, it clearly had to be mine. (Available in 4 other colors, btw.) Seriously considering wearing all blush, all the time. I just love the color and I especially love pairing it with leopard. When I got this sweater, I had a VISION of the outfit I wanted to make it into. (Does that only happen to me?? LOL!) I knew I wanted a jean skirt, my leopard Clare V. clutch and these amazing Chanel slingback dupes that are only $33.90. If you've been drooling over the classic Chanel slingbacks but don't want to drop the $$ for them... they are a PERFECT affordable alternative and I can't recommend them enough! They're very comfortable. I am kind of loving this move towards a more comfortable shoe, aren't you?? I can actually WALK PLACES IN MY SHOES it is a miracle. I checked and it seems sizes are limited, but they are constantly restocking them, so I will keep you posted on when they restock. (Stay tuned to Instagram!)

But back to the skirt. I literally had this outfit in my mind for, like, 3 weeks while I tried to track down the perfect skirt. Ummm jean skirts are sort of tough to find by the way. Like, a good one I mean.This jean skirt was on sale and I had sort of been eyeing it, so decided that for $31, I had to take the plunge. I like that it has a higher waist and I feel SUPER skinny in it. As always, don't forget to size up in Topshop. (I am wearing an 8, but don't tell anyone.) I can already tell it's going to be on major repeat. It's just such a good skirt! I'm into a skirt all the sudden. Bring back the jean skirt, I say.

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Huckleberries: Wedding couple chills by Lake CdA

London Olympics bronze medal-winning wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt got married to Sheetal Sharma in Delhi on Monday night. Sheetal is daughter of Haryana Congress leader Jaibhagwan Sharma.

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The function was attended by prominent sportsmen like India fast bowler Ishant Sharma and boxers Akhil Kumar and Jitender Kumar.

The wedding, held at Singhola, was an elaborate affair with fireworks and bhangra dancers entertaining guests.

Yogeshwar Dutt had also gone live on Facebook with a video of his friends celebrating on the night before his wedding.

A two-time Asian Games medallist, Yogeshwar Dutt chose to take only a token Re 1 from his brides family ahead of his marriage.

I saw my family struggle to collect dowry for the girls of the family,” Yogeshwar had said. As a result, I decided on two things while growing up -- I will excel in wrestling and I will not accept dowry.”

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How to Break Up With a Bad Bridesmaid

A bad bridesmaid can wreck — or at least take some of the enjoyment away from — an otherwise wonderful wedding planning process.

A bad bridesmaid can waste time the bride doesnt have, and is likely to upset other members of the wedding party,” explains Irene S. Levine, Ph.D., friendship expert and founder of The Friendship Blog. Responsibilities you were counting on her to fulfill will need to be delegated to someone else, perhaps even at the last minute. And no one wants to have to walk on tiptoes out of fear that theyll set someone off.”

pics:MarieProm mermaid prom dresses

Those are just a few of the reasons you might have to give the boot to a bridesmaid whos shown a consistent pattern of behaving badly.

It's certainly is understandable that your bridesmaid may be busy with her career, relationships and hobbies,” allows Aviva Samuels, owner of Kiss the Planner in Palm Beach, Florida. After all, she's entitled to a life of her own. But if a bridesmaid shows little-to-no interest and has nothing but negative things to say about her role in the wedding, then perhaps it's a good idea to relieve her of her duties.”

Heres how to do just that.

Dont make a rash decision.

Giving your bridesmaid the boot has the potential to end your friendship, Levine warns. Think through the reasons youve come to this conclusion, bounce it off someone else you trust, and figure out the best way to handle it to avoid further backlash and to allow the other person to save face, to the extent that it is possible,” she suggests. If you feel its your best and only option, then should you move forward with caution.

See More: How to Handle Every Kind of Difficult Bridesmaid

Be respectful and empathetic when letting your bridesmaid go.

Weve all faced some kind of rejection in our lives, so we know it isnt easy. If you consider yourself friends — and you must if you invited her to be your bridesmaid — then be kind and gentle when you let her go,” says Samuels. You may never understand why she behaved badly, but no matter what, as your friend, she deserves the benefit of the doubt,” Samuels says.

Clearly give your reasons.

While you dont want to be cruel, you do want to give the real reasons youre letting her go. Be concrete in offering concise examples of the problems she has caused or the responsibilities she hasn't fulfilled,” says Levine. Explain to her that you thought about this decision long and hard before you took action. Be firm and unwavering in your decision.” And, to the best of your ability, avoid having a lengthy conversation that could lead to an argument.

Be prepared for the worst.

Your friend may become upset and angry. (As we said above, rejection isnt fun.) She's going to feel publicly humiliated and may have little insight into the burdens she's created for you,” says Levine. For this reason, it might be best to break up in a public place that allows both parties an escape route.” And choose a spot with few wandering eyes — think: a large park, rather than an intimate restaurant or coffee shop.

Consider creating a new role for her.

Because you love your friend, you might want to consider working her into the wedding in another way. Broach the idea of other taking on other tasks and see how she feels about it,” says Samuels. If she still shows signs of negativity, or you see that she looks uncomfortable with those suggestions, let her know that it is completely up to her to consider or reject.” And of course, you can always ask her to attend the wedding as a guest. But beware: If you feel you would have to worry about her embarrassing you on your special day, you may have to tell her that you dont want the conflict youve had to spoil your wedding and would rather reconnect with her afterwards,” says Levine.

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Meet Dulce Candy, the Army veteran who's changing the beauty industry

Among all the bloggers, influencers and beauty experts out there, it's hard to find someone who's genuine and brings something completely different to the table.Meet Dulce Candy, the Army veteran and beauty blogger who's paving the way for young girls to achieve their dreams. AOL spoke with the influencer about the trends we expect to see in 2017, what it was like to moderate a town hall for Hillary Clinton, and the launch of her Beautycon Winter Box collaboration.Dulce dished on how her Beautycon Winter Box collaboration -- which includes over $100 in beauty and lifestyle goodies from brands like Kate Somerville, Luxie, ColourPop, Too Faced and L'Oreal -- all came together."I wrote down a list of some of my favorite brands that I knew that I wanted to include," Dulce said. "I then collaborated with Beautycon to really narrow the products."But her favorite products from the box? The Artist Couture Illuminati highlight and the Luxie Rose Gold Tapered Highlighting Brush to apply it.

pics:black prom dresses

And while the glow trend made its way into every beauty-obsessed gal's makeup drawer in 2016, Dulce revealed what she would want to see most in 2017."Honestly, the trend, and I hope it's not just a trend ... but it becomes a way of life, is embracing natural beauty," the beauty vlogger said.While we saw (and were obsessed with) highlighting and contouring last year, it was used to really drastically change the appearance of someone, Dulce said.

"I didn't realize that God made everybody different and that's what makes everybody beautiful," Dulce said. "It's just not one particular, you know, straight-haired, blue eyes, blonde girl -- that's a beautiful woman as well but it's also women who have curly hair, or is petite, or has distinct features in her face."

With an incredible career spanning from Army veteran to being one of the biggest influencers in the beauty and lifestyle industry, The Sweet Life author said her proudest and most surreal moment was moderating a Town Hall, put on by Beautycon Media, of other creators with 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

"I never thought that I would have the courage to even accept an offer of that nature -- but the fact that I said yes and even though I was scared -- I did it," said the proud Clinton supporter. "Just the fact that she took some time to speak to creators because we have platforms that influence other people -- that was really important."Achieving your dreams and inspiring young women is Dulce's life goal.

"When you believe in yourself you're able to really make any dream or goal a reality because you have the confidence in yourself to actually do it," Dulce said.

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Susanna Reid's £75 colourful shift dress sells out in minutes

She was compared to a Liquorice Allsort by her Good Morning Britain co-host, Ben Shephard.

But Susanna Reid, 46, had the last laugh as the 75 J by Jasper Conran red prom dresssold out in minutes after viewers flocked to purchase the garment having seen her wear it on Thursday's show.

The outfit sold out online in just 89 minutes, whilst sales of the dress in-store shot up by 54%.

Whilst the dress may have been a hit with the viewers, it didn't go down too well with her co-host, who quipped she looked like a bag of sweets.

Sharing a picture of the pair together, Ben wrote: 'Am with Betty Bassett this morning on @GMB thanks @pinkpinkgirl80 love it @SusannaReid'.

He helpfully attached a picture of Liquorice Allsorts for reference.

Susanna also shared a picture of the pair together which she captioned: 'He might think I'm a liquorice allsort, but I think he's awesome...'

It is not the first time clothing worn by the presenter has flown off the shelves in what is now being dubbed the Susanna effect.

A Marks & Spencer dress, and a Love Damsel one, also both sold out after she modelled them on the popular breakfast time show.

On Tuesday, celebrity fashion designer, Kyri, whose clients include Amanda Holden and Myleene Klass, told Daily Mail: 'I can see why Susanna is a style icon for a lot of women.'

She continued: 'Having worked with her for red carpet events, she is a smart, beautiful, intelligent woman - she is aspirational to many. This is definitely a case of the Susanna Effect.

'The silhouettes she wears are timeless but she keeps them fresh with the use of bold colour and prints.

'Susanna knows what suits her shape and sticks with this because the dresses she wears are form fitting and flattering.'

It is the second time in a week that the former BBC Breakfast host has been praised with regards to her appearance.

She recently Instagrammed a photograph of herself devoid of all make-up, beside a professionally made-up one, writing: [Right] Me on Instagram = extra eyelashes, make-up & filters. [Left] Me in Real life = blemishes, lines & flaws.

Praised for her honesty, and for encouraging women to go au naturel, she received thousands of likes.

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Golden Globes 2017: All the best fashion looks from this year's awards

Awards season kick-started last night with the Golden Globes with Hollywood royalty coming out in full force to crown the best acting performances in film and television from the past year.

While La La Land dominated the awards, Meryl Streep dominated the speeches with her takedown of the President-elect Donald Trump.

While the awards are often seen as a forecast for the winners of the Academy Awards in February, the outfits worn by the stars signal the red carpet trends we can expect for the rest of the season..

While Emma Stone, Priyanka Chopra and Emily Ratajkowskis traditional glamorous red prom dresses ukturned heads, there were some who shunned the red carpet conventions.

Westworlds Evan Rachel Wood and Hidden Figures Octavia Spencer both rebuffed stereotypes by wearing suits to the ceremony. Wood later explained her outfit choice: I love dresses, Im not trying to protest dresses but I wanted to make sure that young girls and women knew that they arent a requirement”. She later credited David Bowie, who would have turned 70 on Sunday, as fashion inspiration.

From Sarah Jessica Parkers eye-catching Vera Wang red cocktail dressto Donald Glovers burgundy suit, click through the gallery to see the best looks from this years ceremony.

Afternoon of Decadence draws strong crowd at event center

This years Bridal Event not only featured nearly 50 vendors, it came with a new name — An Afternoon of Decadence.”

Sundays bridal showcase, located at the Worthington Event Center, featured caterers, DJs, photographers, event planners, event rentals, the celebrity dresses, jewelry, various desserts, drinks, limos — pretty much everything one would need for a wedding. The annual event was under new management this year, as Comfort Suites and Worthington Event Center Director of Sales Maddy Westra and Worthington Event Center Event Operations Manager Kyia Gibson took over and brought the new name in with them.

The biggest draw of the afternoon was the fashion show, featuring 45 different looks of dresses, including gowns for brides and bridesmaids.

Two young men modeling tuxedos were also present, along with 13 females.

Most of the girls here dont really care about the guys to be honest — tuxes are easy, just pick out the color of the vest and the suit and you go with it,” Westra said. Whereas with the girls, it's more of a fashion statement. The fit, the body style of the dress ... you only get married once. Im hoping next year we can expand it and do modeling of mother-of-bride and flower girls dresses.”

The pressure was on Westra and Gibson to get enough vendors to pack the event center for their first go-round with the bridal show.

I was worried I wouldnt be able to get some vendors, but some of them called us right was just starting to plan it and they said they wanted a booth,” Westra said. Other people, I had to really dig for, like jewelers — I called nine before I got one to come. So, some were harder than others.”

The floor was filled with vendors were eager to show off their services.

Valerie Meinerts, owner of Valocity Studios, a photography studio and salon in Hills, started her business in 2008. She usually takes all of the photos herself for a wedding and makes sure she gets the perfect shot.

I usually shoot 1,200 pictures and show the couple 600 of the best ones,” Meinerts said. People expect at least that, because of all the stuff they want you to do now.”

She said customers sometimes ask for a complete package of photos, including wedding day coverage. In 2012, her business expanded to a 3,000-square-foot building downtown, where three hair stylists and a massage therapist now work.

Many of the female models on the runway exhibited dresses from JSK Bridal, a bridal shop in Mountain Lake.

Owner Jennifer Shouse Klassen said the shop is meant to be a one stop shop” for anything bridal related. The business does dresses and in-house fittings for brides, bridesmaids and students attending prom — which is the biggest business avenue for the store. She said her prom dress shops in londonwere generally much cheaper than ones in cities such as Sioux Falls, S.D.

We want to bring in beautiful things that are affordable because we live in a pretty frugal area,” Shouse Klassen said. We want to make sure they have something that they can feel good about for a relatively low price.”

The event wound down, fittingly, like a wedding, as the runway models threw bouquets into the crowd of spectators.

Floor length white gowns and busty satin numbers: the mothers of the bride who stole the spotlight on their daughters big day

With their hair beautifully pinned and perfectly poised in their white gowns, they are ready for the spotlight.

The majority would be filled with rage at the idea of another guest stealing their thunder in a floor-length white gown or a glitzy plunging cocktail dresses uk.

But these women have happily shared the spotlight with their own mothers.

Meet the mums who eclipsed their daughters with some unconventional outfit choices.

Is it a mum or is it a bridesmaid? The sexy royal blue dress that catch everyones eye.

Mum-of-two Jacqui Lantin doesnt struggle to find clothes that flatter her.

She said: Flicking through wedding catalogues, I couldnt wait to find the perfect dress. At 5ft 1in and a size 8, Id never struggled to find flattering clothes for my shape.”

When Karen became engaged to her boyfriend Stephen, she began to plan her dream wedding with the help of her mother Jacqui.

Jacqui was delighted for the young couple as she felt that they were perfect for each other.

In August of the same year they found an ideal wedding dress for Karen on a mother-daughter shopping trip

Jacqui said: As the sales assistant drew back the curtain, I was speechless.

Karen had selected a champagne strapless gown with a silk, ruched bodice and jewel detailing underneath the bust.”

After seeing how stunning her daughter looked attention turned to Jacquis outfit for the big day.

As the mother of the bride, my biggest nightmare was being forced to dress like a clich

Floor length white gowns and busty satin numbers: the mothers of the bride who stole the spotlight on their daughters big day

With their hair beautifully pinned and perfectly poised in their white gowns, they are ready for the spotlight.

The majority would be filled with rage at the idea of another guest stealing their thunder in a floor-length white gown or a glitzy plunging cocktail dresses uk.

But these women have happily shared the spotlight with their own mothers.

Meet the mums who eclipsed their daughters with some unconventional outfit choices.

Is it a mum or is it a bridesmaid? The sexy royal blue dress that catch everyones eye.

Mum-of-two Jacqui Lantin doesnt struggle to find clothes that flatter her.

She said: Flicking through wedding catalogues, I couldnt wait to find the perfect dress. At 5ft 1in and a size 8, Id never struggled to find flattering clothes for my shape.”

When Karen became engaged to her boyfriend Stephen, she began to plan her dream wedding with the help of her mother Jacqui.

Jacqui was delighted for the young couple as she felt that they were perfect for each other.

In August of the same year they found an ideal wedding dress for Karen on a mother-daughter shopping trip

Jacqui said: As the sales assistant drew back the curtain, I was speechless.

Karen had selected a champagne strapless gown with a silk, ruched bodice and jewel detailing underneath the bust.”

After seeing how stunning her daughter looked attention turned to Jacquis outfit for the big day.

As the mother of the bride, my biggest nightmare was being forced to dress like a clich.

In those frumpy outfits Id fade into the crowd and look much less glamorous than the rest of the bridal party.”

Jacqui told her understanding daughter that she would prefer something less traditional.

Karen embraced her mothers concerns and set about picking out a stunning and different mother of the bride outfit, without a fascinator or matching jacket in sight.

The pair eventually settled on a show-stopping royal blue gown with a revealing sweet-heart neckline and jewels underneath the bodice.

Jacqui said: I loved it! It was just like a prom dress and as I slipped into the slinky gown, I fell in love with it and I just knew I had to have it.”

At just 190 it was well under their 600 budget and the thrifty mother paired it with an 8 clutch from eBay.

Karen and her fiance Stephen exchanged their vows at a local hotel shortly afterwards.

Despite some nerves Jacqui enjoyed the attention of wearing her tight strapless dress.

She said: It filled me with confidence.

I did get a lot of compliments on the day about how amazing I looked.

The day wasnt about me though. It was about my daughter and making sure I fitted in for her.”

Seeing double at the wedding when the bride wasnt the only one in a floor-length white gown

Mother and grandmother Jean Didwell was delighted when her only daughter Gina became engaged to her boyfriend of two months Simon.

She said: They were engaged quickly but I wasnt surprised. They were made for each other and my husband Colin and I had been married within a year of meeting too!”

They quickly booked up the church and were ready to hunt down the perfect bridal outfit

I was so emotional when she found her dream gown, which was white and strapless with beading,” said Jean.

Now I needed my own ensemble. As a bigger lady I wanted a flattering outfit – I knew there would be a lot of attention on the mother of the bride and I wanted to look fabulous.”

Jean came across a beautiful white jacket edged with diamantes and pearls and originally planned to team it with a black dress.

After deciding that black would be too sombre for the happy occasion, she set about trying to find a colourful dress instead.

It was on a day-trip shopping to London that Jean found the dress of her dreams.

The magnificent robe was a stunning floor length white gown, usually a banned colour for female guests at wedding.

Jean didnt even consider that wearing white might be a problem and snapped it up immediately.

When she got home she showed her daughter who reassured her she didnt need to return it and she could also wear white on the day.

At the wedding Jean enjoyed the attention she got in her dress.

She said: I got lots of compliments on the day about how amazing I looked. Even though the day wasnt about me – I felt great!”

Jean feels no remorse about wearing white to the wedding.

She said: I loved how we matched and if she ever renews her vows, Ill be wearing white again!”

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Johnny Weir Fights Back Against Fashion Shaming

It started with the now legendary swan costume he wore at the 2006 Olympics in Turin, Italy, and a full decade later Johnny Weir is still being ridiculed for his fashion sense — but hes finally had enough.

photos:cocktail prom dresses

The 32-year-old figure skater, whos been covering the Games in Rio for NBC, took to Instagram to take issue with the bullying hes been enduring for his flashy fashion choices. In a photo posted to his account, the openly gay skater (times four) proudly dons a coat covered in hot-pink feathers and a pair of high-heeled booties. An abusive comment from a stranger named Gary on social media is emblazoned across the image in a big black font.

Weir called out the jealousy and hatred” coming from his own LGBT community, defending his colorful style as the clothes I like and the clothes that entertain, which is my job.” He then said, I work on television, fly around the world all year to different events. What do you do Gary?”

And hes right — about his fashion sense being his job. According to People, Weir was asked to reunite with his onscreen counterpart, fellow Olympic skater Tara Lipinski, as culture correspondents,” covering fashion, food, and other lifestyle aspects of Rio and the Olympic Village. No doubt this was due to the fan love (and high ratings) the fashionable friends received when they were figure-skating commentators at the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014 — which led to other high-profile appearances as a pair.

Fans came out in overwhelming support. Either we accept each other, or were no better than the homophobes and haters,” wrote Instagrammer @johninhollywood, acknowledging that the tearing down often comes from within. You are a beautiful and inspiring person. No shame at all on you. Shame on Gary for being such an ugly and hurtful person. I dont understand people who live in such hatred and fear,” wrote an encouraging @cynthiameadors. In my community there are many who are inspired and find strength in what you do. To us, youre a hero for letting yourself shine,” @rikkitracy said in solidarity.

Outspoken already, Weir became a prominent figure in the gay rights movement during his time as a commentator in the Sochi Olympics. Initially, he came under fire for not being vocal enough in his support for his community, according to the Advocate, and even referred to a group of LGBT advocates protesting him at the Games as idiots” during a speech at Barnard College (he later apologized).

The controversy culminated in a 2014 documentary called To Russia With Love, which outlined a law in Russia that bans propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations to minors,” and featured Weir and other prominent LGBT activists and athletes talking about the pressures they were under to risk their own safety by speaking out against Russias anti-gay laws,” according to the movies promotional site.

Weirs outfits during his Rio exploits — and the threads that likely offended Gary — have included a navy blue shorts romper with green platform booties, a sheer black top with matching shorts and Stella McCartney shoes, and a patterned, kimono-like jacket with fringed sash and white skinny jeans. And the infamous pink jacket, of course.

The popular sports site SB Nation has called Weir a national treasure bringing style and flare to Rio” and publishes an outfit tracker” to chronicle Weirs looks. A columnist for theHuffington Post wrote, If there were a gold medal for Olympic fashion, Johnny Weir would be taking it home from Rio.” And this is important info: Weir packed nine suitcases for his two-week stay in Rio.

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Rod Stewart photobombs Penny Lancaster as couple reveal why they renewed wedding vows

photos:cheap cocktail dresses

Sir Rod Stewart showed his cheeky side photobombing his wife Penny Lancaster in a glossy photoshoot.

The 71-year-old rocker waved and grinned in the background as his model wife posed in front of their Beverly Hills mansion.

In an interview with Hello! magazine, Model Penny revealed how the couple celebrated their union ahead of their 10th anniversary - in a bid to rid their new house of negative spirits.

The 45-year-old married Scottish rocker Rod in Italy in June 2007 and they recently moved into an 18th century home in Essex.

Penny, 45, told Hello!: "I wanted the priest to bless the house because I felt there was a lot of history and old spirits there: we wanted to say thank you to the old and welcome in the new.

"So we walked into the garden, under the largest oak tree there, and we said our vows again, just Rod, myself and the priest. It was beautiful."

Penny said Sir Rod's recent knighthood had given her the chance to live out her Thunderbirds childhood nickname in real life.

She explained: "I used to get called Lady Penelope at school because the other kids thought I spoke nicely.

"After the news (of Sir Rod's knighthood) broke, the driver that takes us into London would say to me, 'Evening, me Lady,' and I would reply jokingly, 'London please, Parker'."

Sir Rod said he feels "very lucky" to have earned the knighthood.

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The Woman Who Dresses the Men of Brooklyn

Jennifer Mankins took over the boutique Bird in 2004 and has since expanded it to include three Brooklyn outposts. When she opened her Williamsburg shop in 2009, she included mens wear to complement her womens selection. I felt like the male counterpart to my female customers didnt have any place to go,” she said.Recently, Ms. Mankins remade Birds website, and she plans to open a store in Los Angeles next year. Being a retailer in New York, even an independent one, I always tell my staff that were competing on the highest stage,” she said.

Even though were a little store in Brooklyn, we compete with Barneys, we compete with Bergdorf, because our customers can go there.”Is there something that you could buy a million units of and youd always sell out?Lately, its the Isherwood, a style of shirt from Acne Studios. Season after season, I buy more and more variations of it, and we sell all of them, whether I buy it in chambray, a novelty print or a classic Oxford broadcloth. Guys cant get enough button-up shirts in general. You can wear them with jeans, you can wear them with a suit. Its funny, I find with men that they may not want to prom dress shops the same as other people, but once they find their thing, they want to buy six.

They want a uniform.Is there a difference you see being a Brooklyn retailer rather than a Manhattan one?I think so. Practical is a word that people in fashion hate. But one thing Ive always incorporated into my idea of fashion is that it has to perform. It has to work. This is very general, but if youre in Union Square, you can walk outside your door and get a taxi. You dont need a big old parka. When people move to Brooklyn, theyre willing to make that extra step, literally and figuratively, of wearing boots and a parka.What do you love about being a retailer, and being one in Brooklyn?The thing that always comes to mind first when I think of having my stores is the relationships Ive been able to cultivate over the years.

Its obviously the relationship with my customers, but also the relationships with my staff, the relationships between the staff and the customers and the relationship with the designers.Have you seen a difference in the way men shop since 2009?Absolutely. As mens wear has exploded over the past decade — and if not a full decade, at least the last six or eight years — I do see more men willing to take chances. People who were buying a Steven Alan button-down, and that was their first step into fashion, maybe theyll move on to Our Legacy, and from there theyll move on to Dries. And were going to add Marni next season. Were really developing the designer end of the spectrum. Its sort of the next step. Once theyre comfortable in one thing, its human nature to seek out whats new, especially in New York.

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Woman, 25, found hanged after her treatment for depression was delayed

Dionne Corbett, 25, was described as the life and soul of the party” – but was allegedly let down by her local hospital and mental health services.

photos:MarieProm prom dresses manchester

An inquest into her death found that there were delays in her treatment, which meant that her GP did not have the paperwork on her latest hospital visit when he saw her three days before she killed herself.

Ms Corbett, from Breightmet near Bolton, was found hanged at her Winchester Way home on February 26.

Four days before she died she injected herself with adrenaline and was admitted to hospital – but left before a doctor first called for her 40mins later.

The next day she visited her GP, which resulted in him arranging further contact with specialists, but she killed herself before those meetings could have been arranged.

The single mothers family say not enough was done to support her.

Assistant coroner Rachael Griffin, sitting at Bolton Coroners Court said that she could not understand why in this day and age” an email had not been sent when a letter failed to arrive.

It was revealed that if a patients practice had joined a data management hub – like those located in Bolton – their hospital attendance notes are automatically transferred within four hours of discharge. Otherwise they are printed and posted to GPs.

It meant that when she went to discuss her mental health with a GP the day after her hospital visit the important medical notes had not yet arrived by letter.

The GP faxed a referral form to the local mental health trust under an urgent classification but said in hindsight his assessment would have been the same even if he had had the notes.

Miss Griffin said: In this day and age digitally is a lot quicker and for the care of a patient and prevention of a death or a missed opportunity of treatment electrically would be safer.

This concerns me, and it concerns me the there could be the death of somebody in the future.”

However Royal Bolton Hospital gave assurances to Miss Griffin that their system was undergoing an overhaul that started in Manchester, and that steps would be taken” in the meantime.

Miss Griffin found that there was no evidence of neglect” with regards to Ms Corbetts death and she recorded a narrative verdict that Dionne died as a consequence of self-suspension by ligature in circumstances where her intention remains unclear.”

Speaking at the inquest her aunt Debbie Wilcock, said that the death of her mother and father within weeks of each other in 2013 had a significant impact on her life.

The fit and healthy” single mum loved going to the gym, and planned on a future in health and beauty her aunt told the court.

She said: I feel that she was let down. The NHS failed in their duty of care to Dionne, they had every warning sign there.

On two consecutive days shes gone and tried to get help.

She must have been desperate for the help.

How bad do you have to be to get a mental health worker to help you? Its unbelievable.”

The last time Dionne was heard from was at around 12pm on February 25 2016, before she was found hanged from the banisters of her home the following day.

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I find it kind of funny how these fashion mags keep tapping Chloe Moretz to be their celebrity cover model for the various fashions they hock. She never shows much of an interest in being a fashion-minded person in real life. You see her pretty much anywhere and it's always tights or shorts or sweats. She's nothing at all like the trendy person prom dresses liverpool in high-priced finery they make her up to be in mags like this. I suppose all they really need is a pleasant-looking human mannequin to do their fashion bidding for an issue or two. They don't have to necessarily live the life they reflect in their magazine spread. In which case Chloe is a fine choice.

What's far more important for me with Chloe is that she go back to making the more moody stuff she used to excel at. I'm sure there are plenty who enjoyed her in the NEIGHBORS sequel, but I much prefer her time spent as the mysterious, gritty, dark, and/or unpredictable characters she used to be synonymous with. This whole comedy and Disneyfication thing she's got happening now just isn't gonna cut it.

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Mommy & Me: Beyoncé & Blue Ivy Flaunt Matching Gucci Dresses

For most children, wearing matching outfits with their moms can be outright embarrassing! But if your mom is Queen Bee, it might be a different experience altogether. Beyonc along with Blue Ivy posed for the camera back dropped by the romantic Parisian cityscape in matching floral Gucci graduation dresses.

While Beyonc was captured in a floral Gucci frock with a pair of nerdy-chic glasses, an embellished Gucci clutch and metallic pink shoe, little Ivy flaunted her style with a cute pink headband and hot pink sandals. The pair posed for different shots as—jumping in the air, blowing kisses and holding hands.

This isnt the first time the adorable mother-daughter duo have matched in Gucci — recently they were both spotted in denim jackets, proving that quadruple denim is way better than double. We must confess, when it comes to photo-shoots, both Beyonc and Miss Blue are pros!

Were still trying to get over how epic mother-daughter fashion is, so excuse us while we take a second to let this beautiful moment set in.

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Simple Wedding Dress and Fashion Guide-Making Shopping Easier

Clothes are much more than garments that people put on. They create an image, showcase your personality and give people their first impression of you. Whether you are buying your first wedding prom dress shops or trying to upgrade your wardrobe to make it more fashionable, every shopping experience should be worthwhile.

Simple Wedding Dress and Fashion Guide-Making Shopping Easier

Enjoy the Bridal Shopping Experience

Some brides are fortunate enough to find the right dress as soon as they start shopping while others may need to try on numerous gowns before they make a choice. Regardless of how long the process takes or how many dresses you need to look at, you will eventually find the dress that you are happy with. Enjoy every moment of the bridal shopping process and be patient during your search.

Look at your Wardrobe

Your existing wardrobe is a useful starting point when you need to find a wedding dress shape or silhouette that will suit you. If you are not sure about a silhouette that will work, take a look at the dresses that you already have in your closet. If you notice similar features on your clothing items such as empire waists or thick straps, you can incorporate them in your wedding dress. Try on as many styles as you can while keeping an open mind.

Online Shopping

If you are planning to buy your gown online, research on the different gowns and make sure you go through the descriptions of each item. Read the details and if you need any clarifications about the dresses, get in touch with the retailer.


Although a wedding dress is significant, it may be considered incomplete without the right type of accessories. You also need to shop around for jewelry, hair accessories, veils and shoes. While looking for a prom dress shops uk, consider any additional pieces that will complement it. If you want to make a special order for accessories, make sure you have enough time for them to be delivered. Click here for a UA apparel coupon.

General Fashion Tips

Looking your best involves observing yourself and evaluating aspects such as your shape and proportions. These are the details that you need to determine what will look good on you and the fashion trends that you should avoid.

• When you are aware of what works for you, you will be able to choose the right garments according to current trends that look good on you. You will also be able to style and personalize clothing and ensure that you always look good.

Elegant Long Light Sky Blue Tailor Made Evening Prom Dress (LFNAE0064)

• Even the simplest changes that you make in your wardrobe can have a major effect on your appearance and improve your general look. Such changes are useful for improving your style and physical appearance. The good news is that you can be fashionable and trendy without spending a fortune while cutting down on the amount of time you need for shopping.

• The key aspects of fashion include complementing your body type, wearing suitable colors, knowing your style, creating a wardrobe that suits you and combining different outfits. All these are essential for knowing the type of clothes that are worth investing in.

How The Good Wife Taught Women to Dress for Work

The Good Wifes costume designer Daniel Lawson and the shows star Julianna Margulieswere jointly recognized as style influencers” at the Accessories Councils ACE Awards on Tuesday. At the event, the two (who have become close friends) described how looks fromThe Good Wife have influenced what the rest of us wear, and particularly what women wear to work.

The Good Wife

Margulies said she has felt the shows sartorial influence in a direct way. I get a lot of people stopping me and saying Thank you, and Im like, 'Why? I always think theyre about to say, Because I loved your show, and they say, Because I learned how to prom dresses 2016 for work,” she told the Cut. And I take that as such a compliment, because it is hard, when you have a powerful job, as a woman, to still be able to celebrate your femininity, and not be called — I dont want to be rude, but a slut, because your skirt was tight. But to look streamlined and feel sexy, and still be powerful, I think, is important.”

Lawson specifically mentioned peplums, which his team started showcasing in season two. There were jackets that we used on the show by LK Bennett or Dior — we used a lot of Dior pieces that actually had peplums on the jackets, which I loved, because it emphasized Juliannas tiny waist on camera, and just gave her such a gorgeous silhouette,” he said. I also think it harked back to, like, the old Hollywood style and feeling, and I love that. Im very much about the classic, but put in a modern way ... By season three it was like peplum-palooza,” he laughed. I feel like after using the peplums on the show, we started seeing it more out there.”

Lawson recalled that one of his assistants, Jenn Rogien, who now designs costumes forGirls and Orange Is the New Black, came into work one day and said, I think theyre noticing what youre doing on these women, because Im seeing it more and more when I look at these runway shows, or Im seeing it out on the street or in the stores.”

He said the increasing popularity of styles from the show also benefited his staff because they were suddenly available — previously, they occasionally had to hunt down looks or completely recut jackets for the right effect. Another example: long jackets ending about an inch above Diane Lockhart's 2016 prom dresses on the show. Obviously, somebody was doing it somewhere, because we found them,” Lawson explained. But it became more and more popular, I felt, out there. And then it became easier to find them.”

Diane's big statement necklaces also became popular: I started using those more and more the second half of the series, because I felt like she was just stronger, and more confident of herself," he said. "I started to see it more and more, people wearing big pieces. Not even necessarily outside their clothing, but sort of inside, as like an under layer, what I call secret jewelry to kind of add depth to a look.” (Which is why he used it on Diane.)

Even inside show business, he found people were noticing what Kalinda wore. I peppered in leather jackets at very key moments, and shorter skirts, and knee-high leather boots, and that became really all the rage out there,” Lawson said. And I had costume designers calling me, actually, saying, Okay, can you stop, because every actress comes in and says, I want to look like Archie Panjabi.”

Incredible Photos Show Beauty of Kids With Down Syndrome Who Might Have Been Aborted

Four years after Julie Willson lost her sister Dina, who had Down syndrome, to congestive heart failure, she decided that it was time to do something to remind people about the value of individuals with disabilities.


photos:prom dress shops

Willson, a photographer from New Jersey, told Good Housekeeping that she was devastated by the studies showing that as many as 92 percent of unborn babies who are diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted. So, in memory of her sister, Willson created an adorable photo series featuring children and babies with Down syndrome.

I want people to see these children and know that if they are having a baby who has been diagnosed with Down syndrome, although it may be scary, they will be blessed beyond words,” she said.

Dina was the best thing that could have ever happened to our family. She taught us what true unconditional love is and how to go through life without worries,” she continued. She would light up any room that she walked into and people were always drawn to her sweet, yet stubborn personality.”

She told A Plus that she hopes her photos and her sisters story will help fight the stigma and fears that parents often face when they are told that their unborn child has Down syndrome.

Willson said her sister was the biggest blessing” to her family, and Dina lived twice as long as doctors originally predicted. She said her sister was a very happy person and enjoyed her life.

SUPPORT LIFENEWS! If you like this pro-life article, please help with a donation!

One of the families who Willson featured in her photo shoot also shared their story in a video that Willson produced. The family constantly heard discouraging news after they found out that their daughter Kennedy had Down syndrome.

Theres nobody telling you that its an amazing journey … and that shes going to bring smiles to your life every single day – nobody tells you that,” Kennedys mother told Willson. They tell you that she not going to walk in a year. They tell you that shes not going to talk in a year. They dont tell you all the love and everything that shes going to bring into your family.”

In the past few years, LifeNews has reported numerous stories of families who were pressured to abort their unborn children because of a disability like Down syndrome. Rather than receiving encouragement and support, many of the families said they faced discrimination and often were asked repeatedly to consider abortion.

Fortunately, projects like Willsons are helping to overcome discrimination against people who have disabilities and shedding light on the value of every human life.

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Celeb Stylist Kate Young Talks Design Favorites, Fashion Finds In Her Closet

New York-based stylist Kate Young has a nonstop schedule these days. Besides helping style Felicity Jones, and Natalie Portmans new Dior fragrance ads, shes also keeping Margot Robbies look fresh while the actress is on the summer movie circuit for Tarzan” and Suicide Squad.”

Margot Robbie Celebrity Shoe Style

photos:cocktail dresses

Young has quite the roster of celebrity clients and experience on the red carpet. At a Kohls holiday collection reveal (which she styled), Young told FN that she felt successful at her job whenever she found the right look for the right client.

I hope what I do is invisible, in a way, and that the girl is wearing the thing that is most suited to her and says who she is,” she said.

Get the scoop on Youngs fashion favorites in her own closet and the fashion houses shes watching carefully.

Shoe Designer of the Moment: Gucci. Its exciting to see clothes that are expensive and actually look expensive with the beading, fabrics and handwork. Theyre not something you can find at Zara. I have Guccis fur mules, and I like that theyre not discontinuing them. If there is a must-have shoe that is discontinued, then it just looks old. I love that its becoming a classic.”

Must-Have Travel Items: Because I travel so much, I have a carry-on bag that is packed all the time. It has a scarf and eye mask, Glossier balm and Urban Central wipes because I sanitize the entire place. And one of those cold-mist face sprays. It also has those cuddly, cheap cushy socks you find in the airport. Got to put those on.”

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Retro fashion: The 90s are coming back

Unless youve been living under a rock or avoiding any and all fashion blogs and magazines, you are fully aware that the 90s are back in a major way. One of the many micro trends from that era taking todays fashion by storm is the choker necklace. Yes, Im talking Sabrina the Teenage Witch”/Cher Horowitz chokers.


Many of us who were teens in the 90s (there I go showing my age again) are having a bit of a struggle deciding if this is a trend we want to reintroduce into our wardrobe at this stage of our lives. Luckily, this time around, chokers are available in a plethora of designs, colors, and fabrics, making it easier to adapt the trend to your current lifestyle or personal style choices. Ive also found that the modern day versions have become a little more sophisticated, thus catering to our grownup preferences. So, lets explore a few options.

When you think of the chokers that dominated the fashion scene in the 90s, Im sure the grunge-like velvet (with or without a dangling pendant) and tattoo styles are the first to come to mind. You can still find chokers today that are highly influenced by those styles, but the key to keeping things fresh is to seek out the ones that take it to the next level.

Still have an affinity for velvet? Try a necklace made with softer, plusher velvet in navy or burgundy instead of black. The Dannijo Vix necklace is the perfect example. And with the Swarovski crystal pendant in front and tie closure in back, its a great option for cocktail dresses uk looks.

Although the tattoo choker is a thing of a past, the new, lace options are a great alternative. Thick or thin, straight edge or scalloped, lace chokers are probably the simplest way to ease into the trend. They are a bit more stylish than their velvet counterparts and equally as friendly on the wallet (see the ALDO Verawet necklace).

Many brands have added chains to the velvet and lace chokers to create a layered look. The chains with metal pendants (ASOS) or oversized tassels (Jules Smith) are some my personal favorites. There is also the thin suede lariat or wrap choker style. It is the most versatile, as you can wrap it around your neck as much or as little as you please. Tipped with metal charms or tassels, it becomes an even more playful accessory.

Indie brands are also pumping out their own renditions. Los Angeles-based brand JAKIMAC has quite a selection of leather chokers that somehow manages to stay on trend while remaining true to the edgy, JAKIMAC aesthetic. The affordable O-Ring Choker Necklace is available in 15 color/hardware combinations (black leather with black hardware is a winner). No big brand is offering up those kinds of options. JAKIMAC also has the Chainlink Choker Necklace that can be adjusted to worn at the collarbone, which is ideal for those that prefer to put their money toward a necklace they can wear even after the trend dies.

As you can see, whichever style of choker you fancy now will certainly be more elevated than what we wore decades ago. And thankfully, so is our wardrobe.

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