Celebrity stylist reveals his secrets for a successful red carpet appearance

Always carry baby wipes, choose the flesh you flash carefully and never do your own fake tan.

When it comes to getting red carpet ready, celebrity stylist Donny Galella knows every trick in the book.

The make-over expert and style blogger has revealed to Daily Mail Australia his do's and don'ts for the red carpet, including exactly what goes on behind the scenes.

Red carpet glamour: Celebrity stylist Donny Galella has revealed what goes on behind the scenes of the red carpet. He dressed Tegan Martin (pictured) for the 2016 Dally M Awards

Most recently Mr Galella, who has more than 10 years' experience in the industry, styled 20 women for the NRL's Dally M Awards.

But while the event was the 'night of nights' for players and their partners, it was a good six weeks in the making for Mr Galella.

He revealed a red carpet outfit can take more than a month of planning, and he conducts 'style surveys' with his clients to determine what they like and don't like and what body parts they are most happy with.

While the most common question on the red carpet is 'who are you wearing', Mr Galella said designer labels are not always the right choice.

'I've seen countless women pour themselves into an uncomfortable, ill-fitting royal blue prom dresses, that looks horrendous on them, only because they want to say 'I am wearing such and such',' he said.

'When I try on dresses with clients, I sometimes hide the label.

'Ignore brands and designers, look for a dress that you put on and instantly feel absolutely fantastic, the perfect dress should flatter your body and highlight your best assets.'

Another tip is to choose the flesh you flash carefully.

'If you show your bust, then cover the legs. Don't have it all on show,' Mr Galella said.

'I am really over ladies on the red carpet going for 'shock value'.'

Keeping everything in place is also crucial.

'If you are busty and wearing a low cut neckline, make sure you use Hollywood tape to prevent any nip slips,' Mr Galella said.

'If you are doing no bra, wear some nipple covers.

'If you can't wear a bra but need lift and support use boob lifting tape, Kim Kardashian is a master at this.'

Another tip is to keep some baby wipes on hand should you accidentally get a mark on your dress.

At this year's Dally M Awards, Mr Gallela styled 20 women including former Miss Universe Australia Tegan Martin, Beau Ryan's wife Kara and Corey Parker's wife Margaux.

While the red carpet was not until the evening, Mr Galella started his day at 9am setting up the penthouse at The Darling Hotel for his clients to get ready.

One of his favourite looks was Tegan Martin who wore a soft pink Jason Grech dress with tassel sleeved and Kelly Friend, the wife of Gold Coast Titans player Nathan Friend, who wore a red two-piece from J'Adore.

'Right from the outset I get my clients input to make sure they will be happy,' he said.

'Yes sometimes we have conflicting ideas, I always listen to them but always try illustrate my point of view so they can see where I am coming from.'

He does this by taking photos of different outfit choices which can be laid side-by-side to give a clear view of how it looks.

'Photos don't lie,' he said.

'In fact when I do fittings, I take frontal, side and back pics to show them how the outfit will photograph. That is such an important part of the process.'

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Allentown Central Catholic junior gets the red-carpet treatment as a finalist in Marvel science contest

Imprisoned by terrorists in a cave in Afghanistan, Margaret Fleck used available metal and tools to build a rocket-powered suit of armor that allowed her to subdue her enemies and …

photos:2016 prom dresses uk

Hang on — that was Iron Man. What Margaret Fleck did was design an automated volume-regulating computer program for headphones called "the headphone stairs," which reduces volume at designated intervals to prevent hearing damage in loud-music addicts.

The project impressed the judges of a contest with something of a jawbreaker of a name: "Marvel's Captain America: Civil War – Girls Reforming the Future Challenge."

As one of five national finalists out of more than 1,000 entries, Fleck, of Emmaus, traveled to California this week and attended the Tuesday night premiere of "Captain America: Civil War," the latest surefire blockbuster in the Marvel Avengers franchise.

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"All the celebrities came by," said Fleck, a 17-year-old junior at Allentown Central Catholic High School, recalling her time in the red carpet "holding pen" where the stars paused to say hello.

That included Robert Downey Jr. — Iron Man — and Captain America himself, Chris Evans, not to mention Stan Lee, the Marvel patriarch who created many of the company's iconic characters.

There was much more, including a tour of the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank. Disney is Marvel's parent company.

It was pure Hollywood. But while the glitz and glamour were fun, they weren't the point of the contest, which was designed by Marvel Studios to encourage young women to explore the male-dominated STEM fields — science, technology, engineering and math.

"I've been lucky enough that my family and my teachers have encouraged it," Fleck said of her interest in those disciplines. "But there are still some of my friends who haven't had that."

Fleck saw the contest mentioned on Twitter in early March. She wasn't going to enter at first, because the deadline was only two weeks off.

But she changed her mind and set to work creating her headphone proposal and an entry video demonstrating how it works and how it could improve the world.

"I was inspired partly by one of my friends who did a science project about noise levels in the workplace," she said. "I thought it was more applicable to me as I listen to music on headphones."

Thus, the headphone stairs. The invention didn't win top prize — that honor went to a co-finalist's electronic seeing-eye dog — but may pay untold dividends when Fleck is job hunting someday.

"The night before [the premiere] when we were with all the women executives from Disney and Marvel was amazing," said Fleck's mother, Pam, who accompanied her daughter to Hollywood and was standing behind her in the pen as the river of celebrities flowed past. "The head of human resources for Marvel was giving business cards to the girls, telling them to keep in touch."

Grand prize winner Maia Dua, a 10th-grader from Sacramento, Calif., earned an internship at Marvel Studios. The others received $500.

All of the projects were compelling. Janie Kim of San Diego created a room decontamination system that uses acoustic waves to disperse anti-microbial agents. Vivian Qiang of Marlboro, N.J., designed and built a hybrid solar thermal collector for residential space and water heating.

And Holly Rieping of Colorado Springs, Colo., designed a network of inexpensive mobile computers that run on renewable energy and contain thousands of textbooks and other programs to serve areas with no Internet access.

Margaret said she plans to keep in touch with all the girls. She also highly recommended the movie, declaring it better than "The Avengers."

"It was really cool to be sitting in the theater and knowing all the stars were sitting around watching with you," she said.

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Priyanka Chopra's next big red carpet appearance? Dinner at the White House

The list of red carpet events that Priyanka Chopra has been wowing the West with, just got bigger.

After her much-talked-about turn at the Academy Awards in February, and before that at the Peoples Choice Awards, Priyanka has now been invited to an equally glamorous shindig — the White House Correspondents Dinner.

Barack Obama (L) and Priyanka Chopra. Image from IBNlive

images:cocktail dresses

Barack Obama (L) and Priyanka Chopra. Image from IBNlive

The invitation to Priyanka has been extended by US President Barack Obama and the First Lady, Michelle Obama. However, it is not clear at this time if Priyanka has accepted the invitation.

According to a Times of India report, the actress is in the midst of her shoot schedule for Quantico and she also needs to start work on her next project, the Baywatch film, in which she features alongside Dwyane The Rock Johnson.

However, if she does manage to work the dinner in around her filming commitments, Priyanka will have company in the form of actors like Bradley Cooper, Jane Fonda, Gladys Knight and Lucy Liu at the black tie event.

The White House Correspondents Dinner is a party hosted by the President and the First Lady for the journalists who report on the White House. This will be the last Correspondents Dinner hosted by Barack and Michelle Obama.

Larry Wilmore, the host of The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore on Comedy Central, will be the entertainer for this edition of the annual dinner, which has been scheduled for 30 April this year.

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