A 34-year-old Kazakh-born tailor is bringing fashion trends to the streets of Auckland. Asya Sadyrova has made clothing for beauty

Born and raised in Ust-Kamenogorsk (East Kazakhstan region), Sadyrova has had a propensity for varied handcrafts since she was young, even making doll furniture.

”I was studying at a regular school and attending a music school at the same time. I was also taking cutting and sewing classes and began sewing when I was 14 years old,” she said in an interview with The Astana Times.

Sadyrova subsequently became a member of the fashion design faculty at an institute in her home city. She ended up in New Zealand by chance, moving to the country in September 2013.


I sure enough did not want to leave my undertaking and began working from home bit by bit. After a while, I decided to move forward and opened my own atelier [fashion design studio], where I provide a wide range of services for tailoring,” she said, adding she also does custom-made tailoring.

Living in New Zealand, Sadyrova embraced the countrys unique fashion style and integrated it into her own design aesthetic, according to her website, atelier-sandringham.co.nz. Her vision is to make women feel feminine, beautiful and powerful for any occasion.”

Her atelier, in the Auckland suburb of Sandringham, offers tailoring, alterations and original dressmaking. Evening wear such as cocktail cocktail dressesand ball gowns, wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and other items are some of the tailor-made services offered on the website.

Her work has also been seen at the Miss World New Zealand contest. Sadyrova sews for a local online brand which was asked by event organisers in 2016 to become a sponsor.

As a side note, the same thing will probably take place again this year. Some of the participants of various contests are my steady customers,” she said.

Sadyrova looks forward to bringing her label ASYA” to the New Zealand market, which embodies both class and sophistication, according to the website.

The designer noted the differences in clothing choices between women in Kazakhstan and New Zealand.

Girls in Kazakhstan and the entire post-Soviet area are quite obsessed with their looks, like to cocktail dresses ukup all the time and have the perfect fit for their body and shape. Meanwhile, locals in New Zealand seem relaxed, prefer comfortable and occasionally very casual clothing,” she said, according to news reports.

Winter fashion trends

As fall in Texas is coming to an end, winter trends are starting to gain traction within the fashion world.

Tank tops and T-shirts will make their way to the back of the closet so platform boots, bodysuits and jackets can be at the forefront of winter wear.

Ski Jackets

Although ski jackets are most commonly seen on snow-capped mountains, this fashion trend is making its way into the fashion world for the winter.

Brands such as the North Face, Columbia Sportswear and Roxy have fashionable, waxy-looking ski jackets that will amp up any winter outfit.

Elle Magazine suggests the jacket should be worn with slacks and heels for a modern business outfit.

Kaleigh Overberger, communication disorders freshman, likes to pair her North Face jacket with any outfit.

Its my favorite go-to winter wear,” Overberger said. My jacket fits in perfectly around campus.”


Leggings can be applied to an outfit to increase any fashionistas comfort level.

This trend can be worn under prom dressesand skirts, or paired with an oversized sweater or long-sleeved shirt. The options with leggings are endless.

Elizabeth Nenninger, communication design sophomore, said she is happy to hear that leggings are a major trend this season.

My favorite winter wear is basically any kind of sweater or hoodie paired with leggings,” Nenninger said. Its easy to match and so comfortable.”

Platform boots

Platform boots with wide heels can be found in almost any material and height for the winter season.

As an inspired fashion trend from the 90s, the platform boot can amp up any outfit—whether youre going on a date or visiting the Square with friends.

Platform boots are designed to keep your feet high and dry,” according to Elle Magazine.

Bodysuits and pantsuits

Michael ONeill, owner of ONeill House of Fashion in San Marcos, said the bodysuit is a popular style for 2016. This style can be paired with jeans, leggings, skirts and more.

Bodysuits create a chic and clean look for any fashionista.

As winter weather becomes more consistent, pantsuits have made their way into the fashion spotlight.

We have seen the high demand for bodysuits,” ONeill said. Pantsuits are starting to pick up traction.”

Extra-long sleeves

We saw bellbottom sleeves take over closets everywhere during the fall of 2016, but a new sleeve style is making its way to the forefront for winter.

Extra-long sleeves can be found on multiple shirt styles this season. This trend eliminates the need for winter accessories, whether it is jewelry or warm, fuzzy gloves. Extra-long sleeves will keep hands protected from harsh winter weather.


Turtlenecks can keep the neck warm, but they can also create a stylish outfit.

This trend is most commonly used with dresses, so there is no need to put away your favorite prom dresses ukfrom the summer or fall.

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